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Molly’s Speaking Engagements:

Small business week
renaissance entrepreneurship center
women owned business score conference

Present & Past Clients include:

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Liz Corman Photography

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Why Me & How I Can Help You?

Hi, I’m Molly O’Kane

I empower entrepreneurs to make their charismatic dreams a reality, not just an idea. Are you ready to take the leap?

Molly O'Kane

So many people have creative ideas but never follow through. I don’t want that to happen to you. Stop saying “Hey that was my idea” or “I could have done that”. Let’s start this journey together.


My purpose is to take lengthy processes off your plate and turn them back to you with success written all over them. Let me fill up your plate with healthy completed projects.

Hiring me helps to alleviate the pressure and allows you to focus on your passion.


To take overwhelming tasks and break them down for you. My mission is to help you over each hurdle so you can concentrate on your end goals: Sales Profits Success

The problem you’ve run into is not knowing where to start or not having the experience or the know how to get your business noticed in this fast-paced internet driven world.

That’s my job and why my company exists. Your role is to have the ideas and to run with that. My role is to help you with strategy and get your business/idea out there. Stop trying to make the nail into the hammer. It’s inefficient and a waste of time. I want you to be the creative part of your business. Let me do the dirty work. My job is to know the trends, the SEOs, building funnels, and getting your business noticed.

Favorite Topics to Teach:

Social Media and Online Marketing Made Simple Series: An introduction to Online Marketing success for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.

  1. Building Foundation Online Marketing & Social Media Planning
  2. 10 Best Practices for Business Success on Facebook & Twitter
  3. How to Grow Your Business with Pinterest & Instagram
  4. YouTube & LinkedIn for Small Businesses

Why most fail, but You Won’t – Crush It with Facebook Ads

Getting Started with Google Analytics

Best 10 Online Tips Restaurants Can Use to Get New Customers

Ready to try our Facebook Ad Tool?

Have you been struggling to understand the analytics of Facebook and not having any success with it? Then it’s time to try out a tool to guide you into making sense of it all. We do the assessment for you so that you can concentrate on your business planning instead of trying to figure out what your ad budget should be or the size of the audience you want to reach. Our tool allows you to discover if you should run a Facebook ad and if you do what you are earning from it.

Let’s improve your Facebook presence together.


I love Molly and Bloggerithm! Thanks to her, I am able to understand social media marketing so much better. She is really worth taking the time to work with. Life changing – business changing.

Jason Brock Jason Brock

Molly has been an invaluable marketing adviser and guide for our growing small business in a competitive market. She has kept us focused on what is currently working in today’s marketing climate as well as using our marketing dollars in the most effective and efficient way. Thank you Molly … we always look forward to our meetings with you!

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